Selected publications

Recent journal articles and peer-reviewed conference papers


  • McKee, A., Albury, K., Lumby, C. (2008), The Porn Report, Melbourne: University of Melbourne Press
  • Albury, K. (2002), Yes Means Yes: getting explicit about heterosex
    St Leonards: Allen & Unwin

Book Chapters

  • Albury, K. (2014) ‘Pornography’ in A Companion to the Australian Media, Brigid Griffin-Foley (ed), Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing (in press, accepted February 2012)
  • Albury, K. and Lumby, C. (2010) ‘Sport, Sex and Politics’ in Media and Communications in Australia (3rd edition), Stuart Cunningham and Graeme Turner (eds), St Leonards: Allen & Unwin
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  • Albury, K. (2003) ‘The Ethics of Porn on the Net’ in Remote Control: New Media, New Ethics, Catharine Lumby and Elspeth Probyn (eds), Melbourne: Cambridge University Press

Policy: Reports and Submission

  • Albury, K, Crawford, K, Byron, P & Mathews B (2013) Young people and sexting in Australia: ethics, representation and the law, Final Report, Sydney: Australian Research Centre for Creative Industries and Innovation, University of New South Wales.
  • Carmody et al UTS report
  • Kath Albury, Paul Byron (2012) Young people and sexting in Australia: ethics, representation and the law, Working Paper December 2012, Journalism and Media Research Centre, University of NSW
  • Albury, Crawford sexting submission
  • Clifton Evers, Paul Byron, Kath Albury, Kate Crawford (2012) ‘Using New Media Cultures to Provide Sexual Health Information for Young Australians’ Journalism and Media Research Centre, UNSW/STI Programs Unit, NSW Health Department
  • Kath Albury and Estelle Noonan (2011) ‘Safer Sex Beliefs and Practices in Multi-Partner Heterosexuals’, Journalism and Media Research Centre UNSW/Family Planning NSW.
  • Catharine Lumby and Kath Albury (2008) Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the sexualisation of children in the contemporary media environment, Journalism and Media Research Centre, UNSW
  • Catharine Lumby, Wendy McCarthy, Kath Albury (2004) Playing By the Rules: On and Off the Field, University of Sydney/National Rugby League

Peer-reviewed articles in academic journals

  • Albury K (2014) Pornography and pedagogy, pornography as pedagogy, Porn Studies (in review, August 2013)
  • Albury, K (2014) Identity-plus?: bi-curiousity, sexual adventurism, and the boundaries of ‘straight’ sexual practices and identities. Sexualities (accepted August 2013)
  • Laplonge, D and Albury, K (2013) Mining Safer Masculinities M/C (details)
  • Byron, P., Albury, K., Evers, C (2013) ‘It would be weird to have that on Facebook”: Young people’s use of social media and the risk of sharing sexual health information.  Reproductive Health Matters, May (in press, accepted March 14)
  • Albury, K. (2013) ‘ Young people, media and sexual learning – rethinking representation’Sex Education, 13 (August), accepted 14 January.
  • Evers, C., Albury, K., Byron, P., Crawford, K. (2013) ‘Young people, social media, social network sites and sexual health communication in Australia: ‘This is funny, you should watch it’’, International Journal of Communication Volume 7, pp 263-280,
  • Albury, K and Crawford, K (2012) ‘Sexting, Consent and Young Peoples Ethics: Beyond Megan’s Story’, Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, Vol. 26, No. 3, June
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Peer-reviewed papers in conference proceedings

Albury, K., Funnell, N. and Noonan, E. (2010), The politics of sexting: Young people, self-representation and citizenship. In Media democracy and change: Refereed proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communications Association Annual Conference, ed. K. McCallum. Canberra, July 7 – 9.  ISBN 987-1-74088-319-1. html.

Introduction to peer-reviewed journal special issues

Albury, K. and Lumby, C (2010), ‘Introduction: Children, young people, sexuality and the media’, ‘Children, Young People, Sexuality and the Media’ K. Albury and C. Lumby (eds) Media International Australia, No 135, May